Connect TempusIT to Quickbooks

Simplify your invoicing by sending Tempus timesheets to Quickbooks Online.

Set up the Quickbooks connection and automatically send your approved staffing timesheets to QBO for invoicing. Timesheet integration with QBO allows you to use QBO for invoicing without manual reentry of timesheet information.

The integration passes information automatically between Tempus and Quickbooks Online (QBO). It automates the import of QBO customers and employees to Tempus as well as the export of Tempus timesheet data to QBO. These operations reduce administrative effort, cost, and data entry errors for temp agencies.

Here's how a new QBO invoice looks with Tempus line items.

QBO Invoice Creation

The QBO Integration features include pages for setting up your integration and for monitoring, verifying, and adjusting the daily flow of information between QBO and Tempus.

There are no additional charges for using Tempus QBO integration.

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