What Problems does Tempus Solve?

Tempus solves three problems for staffing firms:

  • How to reliably collect weekly timesheets from a set of geographically dispersed employees in the field,
  • How to gracefully acquire client approval for those timesheets,
  • How to easily convert timesheet data into actionable business information for use in accounting, billing, payroll and other business processes.

As you know, collecting and using timesheets involves more than just handing out forms to be faxed back to the office. The more employees you have, the harder it gets.

Tempus provides a simple, scalable way of recording time, getting client approvals, and getting the message back to you. Its all done online and it leverages web technology, automatic email and realtime database updates.

Tempus then converts the timesheet data into actionable business information. This information is essentially a byproduct of the timesheet submission process. In effect, your employees in the field do the data entry, Tempus transforms the raw data, and you enjoy the benefits.

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