Why are Tempus prices lower than most competitors?

Tempus provides a small, simple, targeted platform for staffing firms. Our software development costs are low, and we have a modest marketing budget. We use our lower operating costs to provide competitive advantage in a crowded marketplace.

The two biggest costs that most web application firms have is software development and marketing.

Small Green GearWhy are competititor's software development costs high? One reason is they serve many needs by providing large feature sets. Look at the list of industries served by the biggest timesheheet app providers. They offer long feature lists designed to benefit many kinds of customers. Also, they offer slick user interfaces that entertain their users, drive additional sales, and cost a bundle. They need large development teams to build and support these features.

On the other hand, Tempus serves only staffing firms. Our development team is tiny. The application itself, the number of programs and pages, is small by comparison. We offer a simple user interface that surprises no one. We develop and support only those features that staffing firms find useful.

What about marketing? Software marketing is primarily driven by advertising. Google ads, email campaigns, Facebook promotions and many other channels provide reach and discoverability for our competitor's products. Advertising firms, graphic designers, and copywriters get their share too. Some larger firms in the timesheet space have six-figure monthly ad budgets.

Tempus instead relies on the ability of prospective customers to type “timesheets for staffing firms” into the Google search bar. We do pretty well with it.

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